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Random Picture Thread!

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Art Mann

Why, thank so much SillyGirl

Why, thank so much SillyGirl

Yup, it's a milestone day ... and the Passage of Time makes me feel all:


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Holy crap, that's just outside Canadian Tire Home Office at Yonge and Eglinton....I can't tell you how many hours I spent sitting on that corner watching all the girls go by.....


tboy said:
OH man you're lucky I like you CG, I could SO mess with that lol.......

LOL! So what's stoppin you THIS time.

Its simple really, I always tell the Mrs. she can have all the extra-marital affairs she wants, as long as they are with women... :)

I'm still hoping one day I'll come home and catch her in the act and they'll (obviously) invite me to join in. :great: :love:
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