Payment options

Payment Instruction.

To buy the desired service, please choose an option from the services list on the Advertisement Page, decide about the period of time you want to use it for, and choose one of the payment methods below.

Send an email to [email protected] and tell us

  1. The chosen service # (numbered on advertisement page)
  2. Period of time.
  3. The way you chose to transfer the funds and transaction number or other confirmation and password for the transaction, if necessary.
  4. How we could identify you in the system (your member ID or email).

For example, it would look like this:

#1, 1 month, 90 CAD paid by e-transfer, transaction number 54422, member email [email protected]

After the payment is confirmed, we will provide you the service and send confirmation email, along with a reminder email 1 week before your membership/banner will expire so you can decide whether to continue or discontinue.

1. E-transfer

Please send message us to [email protected] and we will promptly provide destination email.

2. Bitcoin transfer

Please use the bitcoin wallet number 3AcfdfWeEJ1s5QWeWhmamUMdFxnHq3hHud. To confirm the transaction we will wait for at least one confirmation.

3. Cash, bank drafts or money order

We will provide an address for this option.

4. Credit card payment

Coming within the next 2 weeks

5. Other crypto-currency (8 major cryptocurrencies including litecoin, etherium)

Coming within the next 2 weeks