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Write a Caption for this picture.


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I'll go first

I'll go first

" Hi Ray it's the TD Bank. You deposited your paycheque on time....but we decided to hold it over and fuck your credit rating"

"You have over $3500 in your chequeing account but we decided NOT to acknowledge your money as legal tender"

"Please pay your bills and the surcharges"

"Thanks! The Cunts at the TD Bank" :happy:


New member
Hi Ray, don't feel bad about your male pattern baldness. For Christ sake look how stupid I look in this big yellow hot as hell outfit!

Yes your head is glistening in the sun, no it will never grow back, but cheer up, you can have my costume if you like?


New member
Look buddy, being bald is not so bad. This pail contains a foam that turns you yellow and fuzzy just like me. You'll be irresistible to the ladies.


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Please don't be upset with me Ray. He didn't mean a thing, it was just a one off. Sure he had nice fluffy feathers and sure he's a big star, but I still want you Ray, you and your lovely bald head. I am though fudge packing Big Bird! I swear!

RAY get your hands off my bird.


New member
Not to worry weren't cut out to be a mod anyway...see being banned ain't so bad :na: