Blondie Massage Spa
Cupid Escorts
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wow, the massage ladies are hot.



Go for it gentlemen Muse is a very professional well established MP agency. Report back with your experience.


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BOING, SHWINGGGGGG, holy shit, are these pics for real? I have yet to see any SP's matching this level of pure hot factor!

HEHEHE! Yes Sir...Hands from Heaven has some smokin' hot chicks! they are real pics! Same with our lovely MUSE's and Im sure Kayla could attest! ;)


I have been to HFH and can attest the ladies are smoking hot. I went a few times when they first opened up in Brampton. I haven't tried out Muse yet but if I am up that way I will definitely be stopping by. The ladies look mouth watering hot!


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Yes I agree. It took us forever to convince Ashley to go and get new pics. She's looked like that for as long as I know her. Only the hair color has changed. Both Ashley and Brooke went together to get their pics done.

I've had many emails in the past always asking if the ladies on the web site are the actual ladies. I think I actually had 'real' photographs up on Invisible Touch's web site then on Hands from Heaven's web site before any other places that I know of. I've been told that the ladies look even better in person if you would believe that. I think because you see the total package, the pretty face with the beautiful body :razz:


The place has changed quite a bit in the last two years ;)
Kayla, you run a very nice MP, I met you when I first came to your location. Actually I had stopped off to get gas and a cup of coffee at that no name donut shop close to you and then decided to walk in with a friend of mine who was a regular horn-dog disciple of HFH..

You remember the Tony Soprano looking guy, probably not, forgetabatit! I will make it a mission of mine to come back and check out HFH and also Muse, both look like a blast, literally a "blast" of the supresata!