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Would you abandon your blind puppy?.


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She’s got a new home and a new name. A blind beagle found wandering along a Whitby street on June 24 was adopted by a Bradford-area couple last week. Initially named Celia, the pup now goes by the handle, Toffee, and lives in a home with two other beagles.

While humane society investigators believe Toffee was dumped by an owner who couldn’t deal with her condition, so far, no tips have come in about the case.


A friend of mine has a 3 legged cat... He named him ATC!

True story!


The little doggie sure likes to nip and bite. I own a dog and cannot ever think of doing such thing. Like eodt said there is nothing better than the unconditional love a dog gives you.
I wouldn't abandon the little pup but I would probably take it to the Humane Society and let them deal with the pup. It would be very hard to take care of a blind dog for the next 10 years or more. I am not trying to be insensitive, just being honest.


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Duh . America's funniest home video's $$$$ cha ching .

1) Here's the day we dug the hole for the new pool .

2) Here's the day we constructed the gazebo .

3) Here's the day we put in the goldfish pond .

Dog would make so much money he could hire another dog to fetch the stick when you threw it . Pretty sure I would get the beagle a helmet with a face mask .

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Only a heartless person would dump a blind puppy to fend for himself. I'm so glad this story had a happy ending, too many of the abandon animal stories don't. There is a special place in hell awaiting those who abuse and neglect animals.


1. Thankfully, the puppy has been rescued.

2. Why not take the puppy into the spca or a shelter?

My neighbours have 2 rescue dogs from hurricane katrina, and another neighbour has a blind dog (born w/o eyes and is the nicest dog one could imagine)

Don't get angry at those who do such things, it's not worth your effort.