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Why do people join cults?


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Because they are weak, and need some one to run their lives.

And it doesn't have to be a "cult", it could be an adult who "found religion", in one of the major big box religions.


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It's the same reason people join gangs or any other group. People aren't generally evolved to go solo. Humans do better in groups than alone. There are mental as well as survival reasons for it.


The man killed in a crossbow murder-suicide pact in Germany is believed to have led a cultish group devoted to medieval folklore and treated the women around him like slaves, reports say.

The bodies of Torsten W and two women , alongside three crossbows.

The deaths were linked to two more deaths in Germany on Monday.

Torsten W appeared to have controlled the women like an oppressive sect leader, German media reports.

The alleged cult-like leader, 53, and woman, Kerstin E, 33, were found in bed, hand in hand, impaled with arrows from the modern crossbow.

Farina C, 30, who had been hit in the neck with an arrow, was lying on the floor.

The three had checked in on Friday evening, for three nights without breakfast, and the bodies were found by a room maid.