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What The Hell Happened?


Senior Member
What the hell happened, tried logging into the site, kept giving me errors about my password, so I tried to signup for a new account, said my username was already in use, then used the forget password form and it reset my password then sent me a new one which I changed back to my original password.

Again, what the hell happened, the site has changed, and I no longer seem to be the Mod for the Craigslist section?


You still are VRG we are working on many glitches that arise when changing to a new board. Hang in there.


VRG is doing a great job guys hey Ray why don't you ask the mods to be a Lobby MOD?.


New member
I think the MODS should make me a MOD.

For Christ's sakes there's a friggen song written for me, that alone makes me MOD material!!

Sure, I would ban a few of you bastards! Making fun of me with awful videos, making fun of my box of Kleenex, DAMN RIGHT I'D BAN YOU F BLEEP BLEEP!


Senior Member
Jig think Mods will ban you before you ever become a Mod just for your taste of music and videos.