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What jokes you made to SPs?


New member
Other day i made a joke to one SP i just had a session with. My joke scared shit out of her :lol: We were having chat right after our session, she asked me what i do for living. And i said I am a cop ( in serious mood ) oh my god! you should have seen her face! it turned into pure white! no joke! i tought she is going to have a heart attack. It took a while to convince her that i am not a cop. lol

What jokes do you make?


New member
I usually dip my dick in a tub of cottage cheese before venturing out to my neighborhood SP. Once I yank down my pants the expression on the ladies face is priceless!


New member
Here is my favorite joke to share with my lady friend, provided she has a sense of humour.

This guy has a spare $10 that he decides to spend on his first hooker ever.

He goes out, he gets one, then he brings her home.

They have hours of hardcore sex. Then she leaves when he falls asleep.

The next morning, he wakes up and discovers that he has crabs, he goes and finds the hooker again and says, "Hey, Bitch, you gave me crabs!"

She replies, "Well for $10 what did you expect, Lobsters?"


Senior Member
I once collaborated with an SP on a practical joke that we played on her boss, the agency owner, it nearly gave her a heart attack!

I pretended that I showed up at incall with my girlfriend that I didnt tell owner about and SP reported the problem to her. lol:lol:
Good one :lol::lol:


I once told a SP I like your hard butt, she said but its soft. Bit my tongue :cry: was trying to make her feel good so she can give me a better fuck.