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Voting for the free sessions, do you vote?


New member
Noticed there are 2380 members and voting count is very low, do you vote? and why you don't vote.? Any feedback members.


New member
I always vote, but I try and not give my vote to previous winners even though I might have really enjoyed their review.

PS. my vote is for sale on EBAY.


VOTE!! Hellz yeah, reciprocation is paramount in this board, if you vote for someone today, he may vote for you tomorrow....DO IT BOYZ!!


New member
I do always as well as I reply posts, I think it's importat to everyone shows your opinion and support a well done job. How many more participate will be even better this shows how interesting this board is, our place to be.


New member
Sure I vote for all the polls, agree vote for someone that hasn't won before in contests is the right thing to do.


Not only do I vote but I reply to 90 % of threads and reviews, that is just me.


New member
Tight race noticed over 1000 hits on each and 300 to 360 votes total. LL, GDL and dapperdon all have a 4-6 votes edge. BT123, EL and LW closing in.


Senior Member
I try to vote every month. I also like to vote for the BEST submission not just someone that has not won yet. If a person puts the effort in to write a review that stands out I will vote regardless if they have won previously. Keep those reviews coming.