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They are teaching the kids What !?



Another one from Grumps thread (nice handle)

Good For Her, a woman-focused sex shop in downtown Toronto, is not your average erotic emporium, if only because it serves tea. Tucked away in a cozy converted Victorian, the store features all of the usual adult fare—vibrators, lubricants, flavoured condoms, X-rated books and DVDs—but what’s notably different is the tone of the place, inspired, it would seem, by someone’s zany, free-spirited aunt.

http://lifestyle.ca.msn.com/family-pare ... d=21813340


Re: They are teaching the kids What !?

Excellent article. I'm glad someone other than Sue Johansen (who was my sex ed teacher many years ago :p ) has taken the reins. What would happen if that were to take place in a Catholic school though...OMG!


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Re: They are teaching the kids What !?

I was never officially educated on the birds and the bees. All I remember is my Papi walking into my room, sitting beside me, placing an arm around my shoulder and handing me a box of Kleenex. He smiled and said "Jiggy my son, use these wisely and you will never get in trouble." :oops: