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The Offical Cool Products / Great Gadgets Thread



So every now and again, I stumble across a product or gadget that works incredibly well (for me at least) and I wind up thinking - Man! That was really worth the money...!

Thought I'd start a thread where we can share our positive product experiences (not rant about how terrible products are, that should be a separate "complaints" thread) always remembering YMMV.

My first: The MicroForce Shaver


Got this as a gift at Xmas 09 as Secret Santa Surprise. First one out of the box didn't work at all due to a bad internal battery, so exchanged it hassle free at the local mall and I've been very pleasantly surprised ever since.

The product is worth about $25, is really really small (no wider / longer than a credit card) so takes up no space in a briefcase, suit jacket pocket or anywhere else for that matter. I've used it wet and dry with a little shave cream or lotion (electric shave) and get a really good quick shave to keep the stubble down and keep my face clean/smooth...Typically use it as a quick touch up after a long work day just to clean up before taking clients out for dinner or a drink when going right from work. Also use it to make sure I'm smooth before SP sessions, again if the session means I've gotta head over right from work :).

My unit holds a charge really well, is super easy to clean, and when used with shaving cream or a dab of lotion, never leaves my skin irritated. For the price, you can't beat the performance. For guys with very heavy beards, I wouldn't necessarily say use it as an everyday shaver in place of your razor, but betting it'll still be a good touch up gadget in a pinch.

The product seems to be hit and miss in internet reviews, but my guess that's caused by how guys try to use it...it's not a heavy duty shaver, and if you want to mow a five day growth down to glassy smoothness, use something else or you'll hack your face off.

I'd recommend as a cool, very affordable (almost disposable) little gadget that for the price you can toss in the garbage can as a consummable if you're really not satisfied.

Thought I'd share...what cool products or gadgets have you folks come across that worked out well for you and would recommend?


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This is not a gadget but will not recommend " Alarm force". Wasn't happy with their service tried to cancel, they took me to court for the 2 years that was left in my contract and I lost.


Clearly, neither of you two can read. Maybe we can find you both a cool product or great gadget that can help you with that...:geek:


Maybe someone can find something to help me spell - that's two threads now that I've started and misspelled the word Official! Pretty lame....:oops:
I use this little gizmo to charge my cell phone battery and just interchange batteries without having to charge my phone. Which means no down time. Great little gadget and cost me under 20 bucks.