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The Gennie 3 wishes thread



OK if you had 3 wishes?

1- Bigger dick
2- Longer tongue
3- Orgasms 5 times a day

OK sorry bad sense of humor

1- Food for all hungry children
2- Great health to my family and friends
3- Enough money but not enough to buy love
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Re: The Gennie 3 wishes thread

1- Gift to transfer good genes to bad people
2- Gift to make food out of garbage
3- Gift for sick people to die painlessly


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Have a steam kettle that spits out 100 dollar bills all day long
Have the body of a Greek God but be able to eat all day
Look at a woman and she is mine to be able to do anything I want anytime I want.

There, I'm not asking for too much am I?


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-Be forgiven for all my past transgressions.
-Enough to be comfortable and care free the rest of my days.
-Unlimited resources to peers and other advocacy groups that operate with providers to make a better safer community for us all.


To have Supermans powers
To be able to grant immortality to whomever I like.
As Riley, 3 more wishes just in-case I messed up the first 2.