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We all have as hobbiest TDL. Although I have about 12 ladies on my list. I will knock one off, go through review boards and get side tracked with a lady the pops in out of no where.

My question is, do you always stick to your list or do you do the abort and visit a lady out of the spur of the moment like me?


I have a TDL and an ATF. I find myself reading reviews and putting more and more on the TDL (previous comment: "My TDL is longer than the Manson family rapsheet...I'll never get through it"). I agree with JB, depends on what mood I'm in...could be just visiting an ATF or trying out some new talent at an agency or if I have a bit more time, trying out an Indy that'll not rush me out the door.

One thing that I think all of us experienced ADHOC Pooners have though is a back up plan. I have first second and third choices always in my pocket; if the first choice is not available, then second...third and so on. It's a bonus if your second and third are within the same agency...a little more effort when they are Indies.

Rayden and I are Airport Pooners and we have a very large selection in that area and rarely leave without dropping our cargo :p


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I go with the formula of "best available in my time frame at desired location". My TDL was at over 50 but I've knocked off 12 so far this year. TDL for me is a combo of new talent and a smallish "redo" list.


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I make a list and then depending on the ladies location, and if available I will pick from the list but not necessarily in any particular order.