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TASTY [email protected]: Sexy PRESLEY & Tantalizing TILA! & BIG BIG NEWS!! OHH BAAABYY

Minx Escorts

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Tuesday At Minx Companions
Presley Downtown 10am-4pm
Tila Airport 1pm-4pm / 6pm-8:30pm

Wednesday At Minx Companions
Tila Airport 8am-12pm
Parker Downtown 12pm-3pm
Melina Markham 11:30-5pm
Presley Bayview 10am-4pm

Thursday At Minx Companions
Valentine Markham 11am-7pm
Presley Bayview 12pm-7pm
Shannon Downtown

Friday At Minx Companions
Parker Bayview 11am-4pm
Valentine Airport 11am-7pm
Shannon Markham 11am-6pm
VIP Stella Downtown 12pm-6pm
Addison Airport 12pm-7pm

Saturday At Minx Companions
Valentine Bayview 11am-5pm
Melina Downtown11:30-4:30pm

Sunday At Minx Companions
Shannon Downtown 1pm-6pm

NEW Weekly Schedule Released




* Shannon IS RETIRING! Last Day May 14th

*Tila ON VACATION From May 8th-May 24th

* Mika ON VACATION! Back May 24th
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