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Sp gets dressed after the deed


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The last session I had left me wondering about something. The SP in question answered the door, she was wearing a lovely body hugging dress, I'll refer to this as her sexy "HELLO" dress. We did our thing, and as any red blooded Canadian Gold winning citizen would do, I rubbed my member on all parts of her body that I was allowed to. After the deed, I went off to the shower and when I came back she was fully dressed in her sexy 'HELLO" dress.

I don't know if she showered after I left, if she had a client after I left, I just don't know. The thing that keeps going through my mind is, even if she goes off and showers, then throws on that "HELLO" dress for the next poor guy, it's kind of, well, disgusting don't ya think? This is just something that has stuck in my cabeza.


I always invite the lady into the shower with me for one last feel up session. Some take me up on it some don't. I've had ladies wipe down with a towel and get dressed after me. I didn't want to offend and ask but I left feeling sorry for the next guy.


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I didn't want to offend and ask but I left feeling sorry for the next guy.

I hope you were the first appointment of the day (LOL) .

Seriously it really isn't pleasant reading reviews about guys splooging all over an SP's breasts and then you recall the time you saw her she did get dressed while you were still in the shower .

I choose to believe she is on her way out after my appointment and is either done for the day or will shower when she comes back . Fact is many are content with a wet towel wipe down and then "next" .

Another part of the hobby you can't over think but it is one reason I prefer the Asian that provide mutual showers . You know it's clean when you do it yourself (LOL) .


Personally I put on a different "hello" dress for each client (or wear whatever lingerie etc they have requested) I am sure the girl in question showered and changed after you left

You must have felt she was clean and fresh when you arrived - and I am sure she prepares herself the same for each client.


I think many of the girls are good about showering in between clients, although I am sure you get the odd one that doesn't. I for one am always prepared to walk out if I suspect the SP is not freshly showered or as I have done in the past, invite them into the first shower with me.


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I did see one SP from an agency, she welcomed me in Jeans and t-shirt after deed I showered came back and she was dressed as before. Not a good sign.


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I once saw an escort during my out calls days. Did the deed she got dressed and waved good bye saying have to rush to my next client :eek:. I pity the next guy.


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And agency owners get frustrated with me when I say I only do first appt of the day ...if I do not see direct evidence of her being freshly showered ( still keep in mind I seriously only book first appts of the day ) then I ask her to join me ..a trick I have is if I ask and she says " no I just showered " I tell her that I am a bit of a clean freak and get really turned on by washing the woman I am going to see and promise not to get her hair wet ...

Funny how we think it makes a difference if an SP has had a nights sleep since her last client . You may be first today but number 6 over 2 days and number 15 over 3 days .

I suppose your concern is how fresh she is mentally more than physically ? But then some girls need a lot of warming up before they hit their stride . Client number 3 may get a much better ride than client number 1 or 2 . What;s a hobbyist to do (LOL) ?

I've been the last appointment of the day and been fucked silly by a very worked up SP . I've also been the first appointment of the day with very good results . Now I just take the first available spot and don't worry where I am in the rotation (LOL) .