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San Francisco residents raise $80,000 to stop homeless shelter in wealthy area


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NIMBY.....Not In My Back Yard.

What kills me is the rich leftists who prate about equality but aren't willing to actually make any sacrifices. Look at Bernie Sanders when asked about giving more than the amount of taxes he is required to give....His answer was "Pshhhh". That's right, you stand for and run on a platform that says the rich (He qualifies as the top 1% based on income) need to give more in taxes to help the poor. He has the opportunity to do so every year by just writing a check for any amount he wants over what his tax bill comes to. Does he? No! That's why I don't like socialists. They won't lead by example. They want everyone else to suffer along with them or they won't do it. Such a spineless way to "lead". Take a look at his charitable giving also.....a little stingy there too.


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Where do they think the homeless are going to go now?. Their neighbor's area :biggrin2:


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Why would the wealthy need a homeless shelter ?
Sounds like just some pissed off jealous socialist "official", trying to get revenge on the "rich".

On the Bernie Sanders topic, he's just another example of the Liberal elite.


God;n1468277 said:
Where do they think the homeless are going to go now?. Their neighbor's area :biggrin2:
Don't let Mr. Dress-up know about them. Shit he will pay for them to move to Canada!!!
Probably buy another hotel to put them up in.