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Repo question

If you are having an income crunch, which of these would you give up to the repo man first? Would it be your home, your vehicle, your big screen tv, your spouse :lol: , your kids or just give up hobbying?

Sorry I am bored and when I am bored I ask stupid questions. :oops:


Re: Repo question

It would definitely have to be hobbying. That would have to be the first thing that has to go in a money crunch. If still in trouble then it would have to be the spouse!


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Re: Repo question

jiggyjiggy said:
Hey Repoman, which repo guy are you?

The uglier one.


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I don't understand if someone knows they have not made their payments, why would you fight the repo guy or gal? It's a road to no where, can't fight the Man.