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Well it is Wednesday afternoon and it is time to write a eulogy for the Toronto Maple Leafs
They were a fine bunch of lads some of who had great talent while others were real lunch bucket types.
At the head of the team we had a new young GM name Kyle Dumbass who started the demise of the team with the Nylander signing.
To compound matters he hung on to Kadri and Gardiner.
Next on the management side we have a coach who just could not see the forest for the tree's.
Set in his ways he provided Nylander with ample ice time to fall on his ass and polish the ice like Zamboni
All this while the better 4th line players sat on the bench.
So this year is gone and the bleeding heart fans can expect an increase in ticket prices about August and a press realease teasing the faithful to buy tickets for the next year.
And the cheers of Next year fade off in the distance.



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Just remember that all the number 1 seeds and the 2 teams playing for the cup last year are all eliminated. The playoff format sucks.