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I bet the world spends billions of dollars on preventing terrorism.


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God;n1467476 said:
Why can't we just all love each other without judging us by race and or religion?.
It's not even just that. We're not just judged....people are actively trying to control others through legislation throughout the world. Even in the US, were we were the freest people on earth, you have had the left and the right trying to tell people what they can and cannot do even when it only effects their own lives. I always try to point out that more government is bad...regardless of which side is increasing it...but people hold out that it's okay when their side is restricting liberty and only bad when it's the other side. Not enough people realize that we all lose when government grows. The Right was okay when 9/11 was used to infringe on our rights to privacy through the patriot act. The left was okay when government took over health care through Obama Care. Can't everyone see how far we've gone from the freedom of the founders and shortly after where government was barely a thing? Now it's a huge monster that sticks its tentacles into every aspect of our lives.

I wish more people would understand and adopt libertarianism. What does it matter to others what consenting adults do? Why do you care if someone wants to be straight, gay or have multiple wives or lovers? What does it matter if someone chooses to only associate with their own race and not others? The one we should be behind....what does it matter if men and women want to exchange goods for sexual services? Let people live their lives and take responsibility for their actions and the consequences!

It's all the do-gooder shit that causes the problems. Someone thinks that a certain activity is immoral and asks the government to step in and make it illegal. Why not just ignore it, let the participants deal with the morality and go on about your life? You can control what you do...why do people feel like they should be able to control others....for the common good (or welfare). That common welfare has been bastardized to where we have huge bureaucracies to deal with education, environmentalism, health, and the legality of where and when you cross the fucking street. Who can argue that the size of our governments is good as is and that the government doesn't reach it's big ass nose too far into our lives? Who thinks life is actually better for all of the government programs that have put (at least my) government in so much fucking debt? If someone makes every bad choice in the world, it's okay, we'll use taxes from everyone who has been productive to save your ass....for the public welfare. Screw that....let businesses and people fail. Failure is a great teacher. Save people and groups from failure and they'll just keep making the same damned mistakes.