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Hobbying Underwear

I find myself picking through my drawer looking for the right underwear to wear to my sessions. Am I being silly about this? How many of you have special underwear reserved for your SP?


Leopard print banana hammock....drives the ladies NUTS!!


Ok, I originally read the title of this thread as "Hobbying Underwater". I need more coffee.

I usually go for a pair of black boxer-briefs, or in summer, commando.


New member
I am a boxer man. I for the life of me can't imagine how you gentlemen wear the briefs? The boys get squeezed all day, nope strictly boxers.


New member
Funny I used to worry about that too. I have yet to see the lady in my skivies. You go in for a shower and come out with a towel around you, which is gone in 10 secs. anyway. You put them back on following your after session shower and they never see them.

All that said, fruit of the loom, clean and no holes all the way if it really matters.


Senior Member
All I know is that the yellow goes to the front and the skid to the rear. It is embarassing to get that mixed up. Trust me on this one.