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*Helping Haiti* :)


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Hey CAERF folk!!!

We just wanted to put it out there that modern technology has made donating $$ easier, to help those suffering from this horrific event in Haiti!! Riley and myself have gotten all our girls in on this and have donated...

CP24 is where we found the info for the Salvation Army...MAKE SURE U DONATE TO A LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION!!!!

From you cell phone, TXT 45678...
Text the word HAITI

$5.00 is added to your phone bill, and the $5 goes directly to those that need it most at this critical time!

All the lovely CAERF members here I know are all soooo generous and caring...please take a few moments to extend that generosity to those truely in need!!


Emily & Riley :p

The Dean

Re: *Helping Haiti* :)

Thank you Emily. I have done it few times.


Re: *Helping Haiti* :)

I will do as well and hope all our members will text at least once.

Thanks again Emily and Riley.


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Re: *Helping Haiti* :)

How many of you have helped?.

Relatives said they pulled an 84-year-old woman from the wreckage of her home on Friday, 10 days after the magnitude-7.0 quake, but some teams were giving up the search and efforts focused on expanding aid for survivors. It had been more than a day since the last person was rescued live from the rubble.
http://www.thestar.com/news/world/artic ... tians?bn=1


Re: *Helping Haiti* :)

I have done my share and so have my friends.