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Hello Gents .... 4 more days till we launch !

Gemini Ladies

New member
Are you Excited ? ... Lol I am ... Can't wait !

Just wanted come out and give a reminder .. Gemini is Coming :)

Who do we have lined up for you ... You'll have to wait ! Website will be live Sunday evening 8pm

And pre bookings for Markham will be accepted Via PMs and Emails ... Phone lines will be open at 9 am

ok ok ... lets just say ... One of the most talked about lady with be joining our team and 2 Newbies .

Take care see you all on Monday !

Gemini Ladies

New member
Dang all theses Questions !

Dang all theses Questions !

Ok ... as you can see im not well versed on the fourm yet ... but I'll try to answer all the questions

You have Asians in your line up?

Welcome, do you have EE or French Canadians on your line up?

Not yet ... but don't rule anything out... We are still building

What about the token black girl in the line up ... lol

We don't hire Tokens ...

Our Gems (some of the GTA’s most beautiful women), are committed to ensuring you have an exceptional experience. Outgoing and Friendly

Why the name gemini ?

Geminis are curious and intellectual by nature. They are forever exploring people and places in their quest to attain knowledge. Bright, witty and outgoing. ... to me that sounds like a perfect companion a Gemini

Gemini Ladies ... wants to thank you in advance for your support by offering Caerf members for the month of April $25 off ! to take advantage of this offer please PM me.

I know ... I know .. you still don't have a line up .. I just can't give that up ... alright here ... I know some of you guys are master detectives -

DSC03803 -2..jpg

hmmm who could it be....:razz:


New member
She's not French Canadian, neither EE or Asian, mmmm... let me see? More pictures to help us to solve this enigma?

_ _

New member
Wow! Thats a very hot pic. I see you are doing a special $25 off. What will be your usual hourly rate? Do any of your lovely ladies entertain couples?


Hmmmm, those titties , that sexy slim figure, hmmmmm, Brittany? Even if I am wrong DAMN I want to flip lick and pop that.