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did you hear about this volcano in iceland?


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well apparently this is the reason im stranded in schipol!!!
if anyone is passing thru and i can hitch a lift back to TO i would really appreciate it.


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Ash spewing from a volcano in Iceland grounded the British Airways flight yesterday and could cause further disruption into the weekend.

The U.K. closed its entire airspace yesterday because of the risk of ash damaging plane engines. The restrictions were not expected to be lifted until this morning at the latest and more flights could be cancelled this weekend.

Local BA reps were unsure yesterday whether this afternoon's flight would go ahead.

Anyone who had been scheduled to leave on last night's BA flight is asked to call 1 800 AIRWAYS to rebook.



This picture was taken with a special camera on board the Icelandic coastguard’s TF-SIF research plane. The picture shows three craters in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.
The face of the Iceland Volcano seemed like to be face of a monster or something of related. The 3 craters of the volcano resembles a face that is like shouting, and sure is, this monster volcano is spitting fire and sulphur in the face of the earth and in the atmosphere.
The picture shows three craters in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. The craters are each 200 to 300 metres wide. And it kinda show a face of something like a monster.