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C'mon Everyone sing along....


New member
I could look at that hot latina video all day long! As for the singer with the fabulous voice and facial expressions I say BRAVO!


New member
You people don't know good music, even when it slaps you right across the kisser. Here ya go, let me help you vultures out!



New member
Hibun, dheoy odhryuyp, fghhrumks , dhruhirkmpe ,foehrhtl ,,eiuhjhreosl kfkeoh]sporuh ,;leorijh]=speibp3fjpp ;,

The above alien post is meant for the aliens in the clips above incase they happen to be members here.:lol:


Holy cow, the singing is horrible! The latina booty is incredible! The scariest thing about this thread is that I actually understood Albino's alien text!:eek: