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Boy Scouts of America accused of covering up decades of sexual misconduct


Senior Member
I don't think that bunch of women who want their girls to join the Boy Scouts, just because, will be as interested anymore.

But yes, people in places of power, sounds like a certain religion.


It is going to get to a point that people are not going to want to volunteer for any activities.
Its also going to get to the point that parents are not going to put children in activities that are not guarded.
People do these horrific acts cuz they know they can get away with it. They have power over these children and the children are in fear of authority.
Yes it does sound like a religion but that is only the tip of the iceburg.
catch the culprit and cut his nuts off.


JJ Mitchell

Senior Member
Things that put people on my radar: Male school teachers.

Not that all male teachers are diddlers but they make me perk up.

Next: Male school teachers that also coach sports.

Not that all male teachers that coach sports are diddlers but they make me perk up to the next level.

High alert: Male school teachers that coach sports and are also involved in extra curricular activities involving children.

Men are not wired to be caretakers. There's usually an ulterior motives behind their behavior.