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Besides the hobby, what is the # 1 thing you like to do that makes you happy.



Lol, I'm temped, but then the ride wouldn't be nearly as much fun! :)

Remind me to demonstrate when I see you - I'll start you off with fingers and toys, and I'll have you taking a bicycle seat in no time! :lol:

Just kidding hun, I know you can take a joke (and whole lot more!)
Sweetheart, I love your style. You're definitely one of the "cool kids" on our block for sure...! Play on! says the politically incorrect soccer referee! Play on! :great:


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I often pass by the mirror in the morning, and say to myself 'holy shit, that's Brad Pitt'. At that point I just stand in front of the mirror, hopefully with my bowl of cocoa rice puffs to hand and my frog-shaped slippers still on, and marvel at how cool I am. I would then go to work but I am between films and so, technically, work challenged. Quite frankly, I am my favourite thing to do.


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The name says it all ...

The name says it all ...

Cooking and most things to do with cooking. I love cooking for and with my friends. I just love food.