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Avenger's Endgame just kicking ass in the box office.


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its over...Ironman /captain america/black widow out of the game...thor probably out of the game as well going his own way.

It's safe to say no more avengers and no more ironman/captain america/thor movies...marvel went and screwed itself IMO...sure they will make a killing with endgame...but after that ---what?....Xmen as well...wolverine gone...professor x dead...

Black widow movie coming = nobody cares
Spiderman far from home = meh...ok...but meh...
Dr/strange 2 = ok I will watch but the first part sucked balls with the unecessary FX crap
New mutants = meh
Dark phonenix = semi meh...will see
ms/marvel = muslim superhero...meh

Marvel basically fucked itself...


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I think it was amazing that they were able to keep the entire cast together through all of these movies. Don Cheadle was the only substitution from an original actor that I can think of. Something happens with actors....ego, boredom, who knows....but so often it seems as if someone will screw it up and then half the cast takes off to work on other projects. It may be that Marvel is basically over as far as this group goes....but they produced a great set of movies that kids and adults will enjoy for a long time to come. Who else has done that and done it as well? Star Wars? Harry Potter? Usually you can get around 3 movies before it gets all screwed up.


I really enjoyed the movie but it was very long. I had a large coffee and had to leave to go to the washroom twice. I was also not happy with Captain Marvel's short haircut, WTF was that?