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An open discussion about "Off the clock" time.....

So I'm having an issue with a now former client. Our debate is about what should have been off the clock time and what should have been paid time. The fact that we are even taking off the clock time regarding an escort appointment is telling in itself because there should be no off the clock time, in my opinion.

The setup was for an outcall. I normally do 2-hour mins on outcalls, and at a raised rate of $300/hour but I was being nice to a previously seen client who was not far in distance. I charged a grandfathered 1-hour rate. I arrived on time at 9 pm and left at 10:15 pm.

During the chitchat leading up to the date, he mentioned multiple times 420, coming over earlier and terms like "chilling" and "relaxing" prior to getting started. I don't normally do 420 sessions with clients but again, I have seen him before on more than one occasion, and I thought since this was an outcall, he wanted to do it to relax, have a good session and then pass out. Seemed like a good plan to me. There was also talk of another session at my trailer, chilling again, having a nice campfire and then enjoy some fun time. At this point, I'm assuming it wants a combo of companionship and intimacy in his appointment.

When I arrived, I got the tour of the new home, and when I asked about going to smoke, he said he was only saying that for me, he didn't' want any. Didn't happen that way, he had a little bit, he offered another form of marijuana which I declined for safety reasons.

At about the halfway mark, I made the suggestion to head to the bedroom. He enjoys a nice 25 min long BJ. When he is done, he asks about pleasing me, I decline because it was already the hour mark. I stayed chatting and then cleaning up, leaving as I said, at 10:15.

Surprisingly, a few days ago, I got an email from him very upset. He feels ripped off. He felt that he should have had an hour of sex. He says the offer for relaxing, smoking and chilling was for before the session started. That is why he was saying I can show up early. So that I could get settled, have some conversation, for me to smoke because he was thinking about me and then the session would start after that.

I kindly explained that my time is paid for as well. I am an escort and that means that companionship and intimacy are both paid for. I explained that I have many 4-5 dinner dates that made up of mostly companionship with the last bit of the appointment is for intimacy.

I was told that all the other escorts that see him, do this. They don't start the session until they go into the bedroom because they like to have real-world intelligent conversations for once and they get really great sex with multiple orgasms.

Basically, I get the feeling, he wanted companionship and intimacy but only wanted to pay for one of those. I know he enjoyed all the time that I was there, but he wanted to have and only pay for an hour of sex, and the rest of the time would be on my dime.

So am I right? Am I wrong?

I will not be seeing him again so I can't do a makeup on the next session if I'm in the wrong here. Like only charging him half price or something. Most I can do is given him some actual cash back, which I will do if I'm wrong but I really don't think I am in this case. He basically wanted me to show up at 8:30, chill and hang like friends, then start the session at 9 for a full hour of sex, and only pay for that.

As politely as I can, I have expressed a few times that we are not friends. That I'm an escort, and I get paid for my time. I keep getting replies that are intended to make me feel like that is wrong. That it is wrong for me to expect to be paid for all time, not just the time in the bedroom?

Now I will say one thing if these requests of chilling and hanging before the intimacy part of the session were being brought up by a new client, I think I would have seen the signs and would have explained that I can get paid for both. Having seen this client like 3-4 times already, I didn't think I needed to say that as I didn't think he was asking for OTC time before the appointment time. I thought he wanted all that in his session. I still think he did want all that, he just didn't want to pay for it.

Granted, I don't do many outcalls. I think this is like my 3rd or 4th, and I know what most escorts will say. They will side with me, but I want the opinion of other hobbyists.

Do you expect a lady to show up early for an appointment to get settled, chill, talk, smoke, then start the session once in the bedroom? Or does time start when I walk in the door? Should I be giving him some money back? Should I feel confident that I did my job, as requested and deserved the payment I requested?

Opinions please.....

I would have made this a poll but I can't seem to be able to that on the new system.


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Very simple. You want to play then pay otherwise find yourself a girlfriend that will cost you more in the long run.


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So last summer a friend of mine calls me and tells me the Air Conditioner at her cottage is not working. Several lights were out too.
Well this is an older cottage so I agree to take a look.
She suggest we make it a weekend.

So I tell her in that case I would charge parts only.
She insists my time is worth something. So we agree on $10.00 per hour plus parts.
I show up at the cabin Friday around 18:00 and well lets say we enjoyed the evening.
So Saturday morning I wake up and find that 3 fuses were shot in her panel. Well she had the spare fuses so I put them in.
Made for an awesome Saturday......../Sunday we had a great breakfast and about noon I handed her my bill for 42 hours times 10 or $420.00.
Plus not charge for parts...She friging goes ballistic..

But she insisted she pay me for my time and I was there 42 hours so fuck her.

The court case is slated for Tuesday.


When entering into any type of agreement when money is involved all parties must be aware of what is being charged and when.
If it is OFF the clock it is OFF the clock and should not be charged nor should payment be expected.
If you are hiring a person as a companion for a night of partying No Sex involved you have to pay the price.
If after you party you don't want to pay shame on you.
Jessica you should however you ladies do it let the other ladies know what a ass-wipe this guy is complete with phone number so nobody else gets burnt.
Now for you Mr. Smerf. LOL did you inform the lady that she would be paying for your nap time as well???
Shame on you at your age you need your beauty sleep so she should have only expected 10 to 20 minutes of work from you.
Geezz you sound like a contractor like me. ROFLMAO

It just seems like he actually wanted me to show up early, to get settled and have a conversation, chill, smoke, but that was all for me. He feels he was just offering that to be nice and being a gentleman and other escorts apparently take him up on this offer. So I was the bad escort for showing up on time and doing that during paid time. If I wasn't going to do that for free, then I should have just gone into the bedroom right away. That is the message I'm getting anyway.

It appears to me he is/was playing a game of offering something it wants and hoping I take the bait. I didn't and now he is upset. I guess I'm just looking for validation that my gut feeling was right and that I didn't do anything wrong.

I also think it opens up the discussion of what is expected and not expected during a session.

Thanks to all who answered.


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It's expected to be on time and to give a full hour. You didn't do anything wrong so what's his beef?.
DigglerII;n1468292 said:
Have you spoken to him since you posted this?. If so, what did he have to say?.
Not since I posted this. No.

His insists that he was only offering me to come before the session time to "settle in, chill and relax, smoke, talk etc like friends" because "he was being a nice guy and thinking about me." Then after I was good and comfortable, then we could start the session. Not that he wanted some of that type of companionship during his actual paid time and he is offended now that I believe he was trying to take advantage of my services and expected off the clock time.

He kept saying he didn't expect it, just that all the other escorts do it because they like real-world conversations with a good guy for once with multiple orgasms after. That he is accustomed to that now so that is what he expected would happen with me.

So he is basically talking in circles, to be honest. He insists he didn't expect it but then the very next sentence is how he expected it????

But the way he kept putting it on me as if I was just misunderstanding him, that he didn't realize that I expected to be paid for every minute I'm in a session, because he didn't think I was that "type of girl". All these little passive aggressive deflecting comments. It was really making me think if I was wrong. But it is clear to me this was a game to try and get companionship and intimacy without paying for both.

So I simply pointed out that circle talking fact, and kindly explained we are not friends, to enjoy the other escorts he pursues his time with but I would prefer to not be contacted again.
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I totally agree, you had a paid agreement and anything that didn't go with it should have been clearly talked about.

I feel the same when I give extra (anything) and I'm being told that it's "for me" and shouldn't be paid for.
it never happened to me that "chilling" wasn't included, I would probably block the person after conversation like this. Unless there’s a chance for understanding.

I don’t think there are “many escorts that do that”.

And this thread shows that you care about the guy/about the quality of your services.


A little offtop, it’s ironic how many times we hear “all escorts do that” as an argument.
All escorts do it without condom, all escorts come to chill before session, all escorts like when they ste secretly recorded on the camera.
JennyT;n1468313 said:
A little offtop, it’s ironic how many times we hear “all escorts do that” as an argument.
All escorts do it without condom, all escorts come to chill before session, all escorts like when they ste secretly recorded on the camera.
This is the biggest turn off for me. And all it does it tell me you know what you are asking for is wrong and you want to lie to try and convince me otherwise. I wasn't born yesterday. LOL