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A fun prank to play on a Airplane


Senior Member
1. Take out your laptop

2. Open your laptop very slowly.

3. Turn it on.

4. Make certain your neighbor is watching.

5. Open your internet browser.

6. Close your eyes for a few moments, open them and then look up to the sky, or the heavens if you will.

7. Breathe deeply and open this: http://www.myit-media.de/the_end.html

8. Look at the expression on your neighbor's face.



New member
I just imagined myself being the individual sitting beside the prankster. I would quietly get up and walk over to a Stewart and very calmly whisper in her ear "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!":lol:


I know it's a joke

I know it's a joke

bad taste, bad joke.

My best friend is a pilot and had breakfast with the pilots that flew from Logan I.A. into the WTC.