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$700 Phone Bill to Get Unemployment Check

Knight Rider

New member

A 72-year old man spent so much time on hold with a state unemployment agency trying to claim his benefits that he racked up a $700 cell phone bill...

"The bill shows Sanchez made 1,114 calls to the unemployment office in one month. Some days, it took hundreds of calls to get through -- each call costing $0.45. When he would get through, he says he would be put on hold. One time, he was on hold for almost 3 1/2 hours."

That one phone call cost Sanchez nearly $100


New member
jiggyjiggy said:
Kind of defeats the purpose, guess that's why he is unemployed, not the brightest bulb in the room I am guessing.

:lol: nice quote Jiggy!

He is definitely not too bright :D

Senor Gomes

Give the man a break he is 72 years old and losing his memory.


Senior Member
This story thread reminds me of the time I visited Queens Park to have my birthcertificate replaced. I arrived early enough to be the first in line. Standing at the counter I watched as the civil servants first order of business was to put ALL of her phone lines on hold then she was ready to start her busy day. No wonder we spend hours waiting to talk to the one person who drew the short straw and has to man the only servicable telephone. Just sayin' :cool: