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  1. K

    Zero-alcohol limit for drivers 21 and under Drivers aged 21 and under will have their licences automatically suspended if they are caught with any alcohol in their systems under tough new rules unveiled this morning. About time.
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    Would you abandon your blind puppy?. She’s got a new home and a new name. A blind beagle found wandering along a Whitby street on June 24 was adopted by a Bradford-area couple last week. Initially named Celia, the pup now goes by the handle, Toffee, and lives...
  3. K

    Describe something that's happened to you for which you have no explanation.

    I was thinking of a long lost best friend that have not seen in over 15 years and the phone rang. Yes it was him, it happened about a month ago and cannot shake the surprise. Anything similar happened to you.
  4. K

    Who pays more to buy organic food.

    How can banana and mango be classified as Organic? Do you folks eat the skin.
  5. K

    How long do you last during your session?

    Includes the moment she starts with BJ. Do some of you take breaks during it. I don't, will go at it a good 20 minutes before I explode.