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  1. J

    What ever happened to?

    I don't get online as much anymore and I've noticed many of the original characters are gone, what happened to and please add to the list if I\ve left anyone out RandyGirl, Oddball, Demien, Danolo, Scotty, Ahooper, Albino, I'm sure there are more,,,,
  2. J

    Pleasuring Oneself

    Peace the problem is you have hairy palms and your sitting in the wrong position and do not have a proper grip of your little pecker. Look I have you on cam.
  3. J

    Fucking Amazing - Obesity is now a disability?

    I'm suing my parents for not being born rich. It's not fair, I should have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth instead I was born with a wooden spatula, hence my big mouth!!
  4. J

    Christmas Spread

    What you all having for Christmas dinner? I am about to enjoy Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Sweat Potato, honey glazed ham, Turkey and stuffing with gravy and Cranberries, Squash, Carrots all washed down with a chilled Red Merlot.
  5. J

    Segway founder dies in Segway accident I just wanted to beat King21 to the news. I hope your not unionized!
  6. J

    Great knockouts

    I love to watch boxing and MMA. How about posts of some of the best knock outs. Hockey fights allowed to.
  7. J

    The DRUNK Thread

    All this beer talk has me thirsty, time to get me a Corona with a slice of lime.
  8. J

    Toughb Has a New Cooking Show

    Cycleguy and Mrs. Cycleguy have been caught on video.:na:
  9. J

    Write a Caption for this picture.

    Please don't be upset with me Ray. He didn't mean a thing, it was just a one off. Sure he had nice fluffy feathers and sure he's a big star, but I still want you Ray, you and your lovely bald head. I am though fudge packing Big Bird! I swear! RAY get your hands off my bird.
  10. J

    Skiing in Saudi Arabia

    This is so cool, anyone want to come with me for a ride on the 407?
  11. J

    I'm just gonna leave this here.

    I am sending out the possy to bring Ray back!
  12. J

    Besides the hobby, what is the # 1 thing you like to do that makes you happy.

    Sillygirl is this your lovely bum glistening in the sun ready to be ravished by a gentleman with a long tongue like myself?
  13. J

    My favorite Super Hero (funny video thread)

    I love to find funny videos and have a laugh. Post your funny videos here please.
  14. J

    New Mortal Kombat Movie Rant

    If the liver fits, you know what I'm saying!:lol:
  15. J

    Tits and Nipple Picture Thread! and Poll

    This one is worth looking at again. Perfect nipples in my humble and mouth watering opinion!