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  1. Raiden

    10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers

    Since it's Monday and that means Monday Night RAW....who are the 10 strongest wrestlers...
  2. Raiden

    The BIG TWITTER debate!

    Peter vs Raiden Caramel VS Nutella Nutella and Caramel, both great to smear all over a sexy lady and lick it off but which one do you choose! I grew up on Nutella and Peanut butter sandwiches so, #nutellaRULES
  3. Raiden

    Missing MOPED

    Once again FUCKIN MUCKIN has stolen my moped! If you see this Scooter please return it ASAP A Caramel Caffe Latta would be nice too!
  4. Raiden

    Damn, I've got wood