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    Squirt Training

    It has occurred to me that squirting is a very desireable skill for SPs, but how would you go about learning how to do that. Well I had some intensive training and have since proved my skills now on a couple ladies that had never done or even heard of this before. Are there any SPs that are...
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    Well, it comes that time for everyone to say its time. I am moving on into the inevitable retirement from the hobby. The hobby of late in less enticing and I have lost the excitement of it all. Civillian life can be a fun place too if you know where to find it. I wish all good times in the...
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    Bear has passed away, following is his 'b-bye' post.

    "Adieu! To all the hobbiests and punters, who really DO 'Treat Em with Respect'. To all the Ladies who are honest, kind and give their best: Do not let the occasional fucktard get you down. Be true to yourself, and dont anguish over the white lies you must tell to SO, family, kids. Its OK to...
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    Have I turned into an SP?

    After my last 2 times hanging out with my fuckbuddy in a motel, as we are ready to leave she gives me money. I know she is giving me money towards the room but its funny how she gives me money after sex. Am I turning into a SP, lol?
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    Strange Experiences - Guys and Gals / SP or Civie

    Hey all, I've been quiet lately because I haven't had much time to see SPs for various reasons. I have had the opportunity to meet a few local ladies through the internet whom are looking for FWB. I must share a extremely wierd experience which also begs the question, you guys and gals had...
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    Ladies Only - How Big Of A Cock Is Too Big? (multiple choice)

    With another thread talking about women going gaga over big cocks, the question needs to be asked. How big of a cock too big? This survey is for the ladies only and is anonymous. Thanks in advance for your participation.
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    Which movie star should play you?

    Boys and girls, if they were to make a movie about your life, which actor would best suit you? Being humble, only George Clooney or Sean Connery would do for my part.
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    What is your 10 most important events in your hobbying career?

    What is your 10 most memorable/important events in your hobbying career? It could be a situation or even a friendship. I would think that we should hear from the ladies too. Here's mine. 1. Made a good friend in Madison Doll (not to mention some awesome sessions). 2. Made a good friend in...
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    You know you hobby too much when...

    While looking at cell phone plans a hillarious thought came to mind. How pathetic am I if I were to pick my 5 favourite #'s as my most often used indys and agencies. :lol: Lets hear your indicators as to when you hobby too much.
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    How does a SP achieve legendary status?

    How does a SP achieve legendary status? This was a interesting question raised and i'm sure opinion based. To me a legend status is gained a few ways. I'm sorry its not possible to list all the awesome ladies out there as we are fortunate in Ontario to have so many, I will list some examples...
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    How much do you generally tip for a 1 hr session?

    Tipping is a matter of choice, and of course different sometimes from lady to lady, but generally you have in your head an amount of tip before the session. If all goes well how much do you normally tip for a 1 hr session? (used 1 hr because it seems to be the most common session length). Poll...
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    Escort Statistics

    I was thinking about how statistics seem to govern all parts of life and thought it would be fun to apply it to the escort world. The basic fundamental which always applies is the 80/20 rule and its derrivatives. The basic theme will be 10% in favour, 10% disagree & 80% is based on variables...
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    Spinner Classification

    As the result of a difference of interpretation as to what the classification of a spinner is, please help define it with the following survey. This survey is for multiple options of which I ask that you complete only one of #1 & #2 and only one option of #3 to #10.
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    Role Playing

    Thinking of doing a role play for an upcoming session, any ideas are appreciated. I've done 2 but looking for some different ideas. Don't hold back. Thanks in advance.
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    SO Friendly Excuses

    Anyone have suggestions of SO friendly excuses to having; a wierd smell on them (perfume, different soap smell, etc.) makeup on their clothes, face, etc. lateness or an explaination to whereabouts removal of money from bank, piggy bank, etc. I'm usually good with lateness type excusses, use...
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    How to spend $1000.00

    Note: Posting this for Smooth If you only had a 1000 dollars a month to blow on your hobby budget. Would you prefer: 7 half hour sessions (140 per session) 4 1 hour hour sessions (250 per session) 2 1hour duos (500 per session) 2 2hour sessions (500 per session)