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    Social Date with Muckchella

    After some back and forth, I was able to secure a social date with muckchella. Actually, I only wanted to see muckchelle of the tandem, but unfortunately, muckin is part of the package :SayWhat?: If you peruse through this board, you'll see muckchelle post here and there. She's a feisty one...
  2. K

    WHere is the post new thread button?

    Where is the "Post New Thread" button for the Agency and Indy review sections? I can't find it.
  3. K

    Please Return Brooke @ Sassy's Coat and Phone from Party

    Hi Everyone, Just reposting this message in a separate thread in hopes that the person who took a burgandy 3/4 Canada Goose jacket at the industry party on Tuesday night sees this request and returns it back to Brooke at Sassy's. There was also an iphone in it. C'mon, in the Christmas spirit...
  4. K

    Marley Brinx Pornstar from Toronto

    Just a shot in the dark, but has anyone encountered this girl as an SP in Toronto? She's a new pornstar and one of her scenes starts on Spadina. She also says that she's from Toronto.
  5. K

    Pod Hotel

    I saw this set up at Bay and Wellington today. http://www.citynews.ca/2013/10/21/pod-hotel-promotes-the-power-nap-in-toronto/ Doesn't seem comfortable, but maybe a solution for you guys looking for an outcall option? Lol
  6. K

    Police Investigate Toronto Escort's Death in Calgary

    http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/calgary/Family+remembers+kind+soul+police+investigate+escort+death/8145986/story.html An escort from Toronto, was found dead of blunt force trauma in Calgary last week. She was 19.
  7. K

    ISO Best Cell Phone Plan

    I'm in the market for a new cell phone plan. Anybody have suggestions on a cell phone plan with most minutes or an unlimited voice plan (if that exists)? Thanks in advance all.
  8. K

    Buca Restaurant

    Buca is a pretty cool looking place located what appears to be a former cellar underground. It has a rustic decor and the Italian food is pretty good. I recently had dinner there with a friend. They had a bread called Nodini which are little knots of fried bread with olive oil, rosemary...
  9. K

    As a result of the G20 protests, this man's rights were violated

    and who know how many other Toronto citizens and tourists were deprived of this right. Why does this have to happen? Why? Why? Whhhhhhhhhhhhy????!!
  10. K

    Sexy World Cup 2010 Fans

    I am not a big soccer/football fan, but when the World Cup takes stage, I get caught up in the excitement from the fans in Toronto, the athleticism of the players, the emotions and of course...the sexy fans. This thread is a tribute to the sexy World Cup female fans from around the world. Feel...
  11. K

    How do you address the ladies?

    After a couple of sessions, the SP is usually comfortable enough with me that she will tell me her real name or sometimes, in telling me a story, she will inadvertently say her real name. My question is that once you are introduced to her real name, do you address her by her real name during...