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    I'm Not Happy with my Life (I'm thinking of checking out )

    Now before you think this is just another asshole on the Internet that feels sorry for himself. Think again. Here is my shitty life story. I'm 42 I don't have any friends. All I do is work at z shitty job all day and drink Vodka at home until I pass out every night. Every Friday I drive up...
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    If You live in Canada and drive around with another country's flag on your car

    Fuck You! You are a giant piece of fucking shit! :NoNoNo:
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    A Serious question

    Hey guys I have a very serious question about my Polish Cousin. I think she pukes up her meals and I'm very concerned. Below is her pic...she sent this to me and said "I hate myself look how fat I am Uncle Ray" I really feel sorry for her...she said her waist is 22 inches and she keeps texting...
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    Dear Blue Jay fans,

    It's over. There will not be any playoffs this year or years to come. Last year everything came together and they played like a once in a lifetime team. But, the dream is over now. They are fucking officially done for this season and it's only going to get worse. Eddie will sign with the Red Sox...
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    Victoria long weekend coming up. What you all doing?.

    Driving up to Haliburton for some; beer, food, games and fun with my alcoholic fmaily. :good: Wear goggles, Saturday morning at 8:56am :wink2:
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    Dear Andy,

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    What Type of Women's Clothing Turns you on the most?

    I like very tall busty women who wear short tight dresses and sexy high heels. I also like skinny girls who are tall with long slender legs who wear sexy high heels. I love it when a tall girl wears sexy heels and bends over in front of me and I eat her out.
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    Is she a Butterface?

    In my opinion, if her ass and legs were in an 'Ass & Legs' Competition she'd win Gold Silver Bronze and MY FUCKIN' DICK! WOW!
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    I played baseball against some orphans today

    I won 19-0 because they didn't know where home was.
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    Post Pics of what you think members look like Thread!

    I'll go first.... Peace and MAL
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    I found the Caerf Mods Clubhouse

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    Imagine How Awesome Toronto would be...

    If the Scandinavians immigrated here instead of the Asians and Brown South Asians? Think about it. Toronto could have a ton of HOTT attractive blue eyed blondes, who would most definitely fit into our culture. Instead, we are infested with Asians. And Asians ruin everything they get their...
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    Does what you drive determine your personality?

    If I ever win the lottery, I'd buy the Audi R8. It's my dream car. AUDI R8 Take your Jap crap and shove it directly up your ass. German cars #1
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    Would Ya?

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    Mustang or Asian girl?

    I'll take the car and pick up some hott white normal Canadian babes. :good: That's better... Fuck Yeah! Oh Canada!
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    OMG! Another Star Wars Movie. Rogue One

    December 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wji-BZ0oCwg Star Wars. I'm not a Nerd. I just love Star Wars...Whos with me?