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    Advice needed on a serious matter.

    I've retired but i know there are sharp minds here, At least, there used to be. A female Japanese friend bought a house with her new Canadian husband in Ontario. He left her 10 years later with a young son and moved in with another woman, Her parents gave her money to put into their down...
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    Been a while

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    Where the fuck are you?
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    Can a cheater truly change?

    People only take one second to determine whether they find someone sexually attractive. Then in only three minutes, they decide whether they want to see that person again. That’s how quickly we decide if a prospective mate should be in our life — for better or for worse, and usually, when it...
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    Laziest Country in the world.

    https://money.ca.msn.com/savings-debt/gallery/gallery.aspx?cp-documentid=23756433 The Daily Beast has released its list of the world's laziest countries, which attempted to assess sloth as a science. They used criteria such as calorie intake, television viewing, aversion to sports and...
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    Bin Laden threatens to kill Americans if US executes alleged

    https://news.ca.msn.com/world/cp-article.aspx?cp-documentid=23724932 CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden threatened in a new audio recording released Thursday to kill any captured Americans if the U.S. executes the self-professed mastermind of the Sept.11 attacks or any other...
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    IN-Call My review o Adriana @ Max

    In the mood for EE last night and booked Adriana and glad I did. Another pretty GND type, Miranda Otto from The Lord of the Rings type of looks. She loves to kiss really into it soft slow and passionate. The shy type but warms up slowly after small talk, once in action she is a wild one. Once...
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    IN-Call My review of Scarlett @ Mirage

    Had my eye on her for a while saw that she is now at Mirage and booked her yesterday my best move of the week. Julia Stiles look alike model figure with the right curves her pictures do not do her justice. Warm and responsive excellent kisser sensual and sexual beyond comprehension. Had a true...
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    IN-Call My review of Nadia @ GOE

    Saw Nadia's pictures in the GOE website and thought will be worth TOFTT. In my opinion she is very attractive not model like nor GND type somewhere in between very sexy. You men will enjoy what you see. Pictures as advertised except for her breasts not 34B No bazookas there but eatable. Slim...
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    Rayfinkle why you so quiet?

    Send us some tits and asses or find us some funny pictures. How many you had Ray.
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    Was that your brother Ray?

    Department of Public Safety officers nabbed 25-year-old Richard Anthony Flores Jr.on two counts of reckless driving and one count of criminal speeding after he had his photo snapped by several speed cameras as he drove down the U.S. 60 at Alma School Drive.
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    The hottest MOMS

    Angelina Jolie Halle Berry Reese Witherspoon Kate Winslet Jennifer Garner Katie Holmes Gwyneth Paltrow Cate Blanchett
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    IN-Call TOFTT Jessica @ Select

    Had time to borrow another girl for an hour last night and decided on Jessica. The monster was in the mood for a Latina. Phone guy is an energetic well spoken fellow anther pro who made the session go smoothly. GND looks but very seductive sexy style very friendly and can hold her own in a...
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    IN-Call My review of Alize @ Mirage

    As always my new friends here is my summary of a great SP and a dynamite lady. Mirage smooth as always let be borrow Alize for the hour only wish could have been 3. She is a young attractive lady, resemblance a little of ALicia Silverstone. Submissive type and tells me she is into role playing...
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    IN-Call My Review of Latika now @ Dreams

    I saw this beautiful woman sometime in November worked at different agency at the time. See she is back at DM so thought I will share with my new friends. In my opinion she is not only the hottest EI of choice but one of the hottest SP in Toronto. Her pictures are accurate just as advertised...
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    IN-Call Review Simonne @ RM

    Feeling for some pie to eat Saturday afternoon. Tried Megan @ Select, Brittney @ Pal and Angelina @ Hourglass, none available :( . Symonne was :) , Nikki arranged my evening rendezvous, all smooth as silk. A petite frame with noticeable pointy nipples, good looking gal, bubbly and smiles...
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    IN-Call Review of Jordan @ RM

    Reading BT123's fascination of Jordan decided to check her out yesterday. <Jordan blew me away, Super Hot babe, big Wow. Stunning beauty, with huge breasts (think they are man mades) long legs and gorgeous eyes>. Placed call, Nikki another pro took care of my early evening rendezvous...
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    IN-Call Review of Amanda @ Mirage

    Saw Amanda 2 to 4 months ago cannot remember that long, another one of my ATF. Since then her reviews remain stellar this wonderful lady stays consistent. Ravi a pro as always managed to book her for me at an early evening rendezvous. Canadian GND type a littler bigger than her pics with sexy...
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    IN-Call Beautiful Daphne @ Mirage

    Thought I will start this new site with a review of my ATF. She is beautiful / drop dead gorgeous, her pictures are dead on accurate. Italian heritage with the Exotic N.A.Indian look. Service wise very few ladies can match up to her, her BBBYDTCIM should be highlight of any hobby person. You...