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    Millions of callers to federal agencies unable to get through to a real person: AG

    This is the government we voted in. OTTAWA -- If you were one of the millions who tried to reach a federal department or agency on the phone in the last year or so, this may not come as much of a surprise, but a new report from the federal auditor general has found that millions of callers have...
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    How Babies Survive Cold

    A 13-month-old girl wanders outside in bitter cold, clothed only in a diaper. Her heart stops, her toes and mouth freeze solid. Hours later, she's revived. Miracle? No, just physics, say doctors. "Babies have a smaller volume to a larger surface area," explains Kenneth Storey, a biochemist at...
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    Canadian Medical Association resigns from world body amid plagiarism accusations

    I wouldn't mind knowing more of these accusations. Canadian Medical Association resigns from world body amid plagiarism accusations | The Star REYKJAVIK, ICELAND—The Canadian Medical Association says it has resigned from the World Medical Association, accusing the international group’s...
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    10 Creepy Places That Are Serial Killer Playgrounds

    We could call this a coincidence or just agree there is such a thing as “the perfect place for murder.”​
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    The NRA Says It's in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be Unable to Exist

    The NRA Says It’s in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be ‘Unable to Exist’ – Rolling Stone
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    The Shuffle Dance

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    At 1:55 pm today your mobile will be ringing.

    Mobile devices with LTE service will sound emergency test signal | Toronto Sun
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    People Are Going Hog Wild Over A Monstrous Wild Boar Dubbed 'Pigzilla'

    That is one hell of a pig. The internet has its newest cult hero. People Are Going Hog Wild Over A Monstrous Wild Boar Dubbed '''Pigzilla'''
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    82% Of American Men Would Rather Lose A Finger Than Never Have Sex Again

    As long as it's only one finger I have to agree.
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    Miss Bumbum

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    Let the summer begin.

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    Obsessed With Melted Cheese

    Here you go.
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    How do you handle it and does it really age you?. Look at Obama before you reply.
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    Boxing day sales on line. What is your best by this year?

    I couldn't find a good deal or was too busy to search. You?.
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    Millionaire Cleared of Rape Charge After Claiming He Tripped and His Penis Fell Into Teen

    Not a joke, reckon he should be punished :Thatwas-bad: Ehsan Abdulaziz, a Saudi millionaire property developer, was cleared of rape charges in London this week after he claimed that he had tripped and fallen on an 18-year-old girl who was sleeping at his apartment after partying with him...
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    Just warming up.
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    Bill Maher: The real link between mass shooters is that they’re all ‘women-repellent’

    Thoughts?. Bill Maher closed out Real Time on Friday by saying that people should stop trying to blame video games or a lack of religion for mass shooting attacks, and instead focus on how lacking many of the culprits are when it comes to a lovelife. “This is a pattern no one is talking...
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    Treasure hunters claim they found Nazi ghost train filled with gold — but want 10%

    The tale of a legendary Nazi ghost train carrying gold which allegedly disappeared without trace in the dying days of the Second World War has taken a new twist. Two men have filed a “finder’s claim” with a district council in Poland for an “armoured train” carrying precious metals, fuelling...