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    Do you bother taking vitamins?.

    Unnecessary vitamin B12 shots costing Ontario millions, study finds Social Sharing https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/unnecessary-vitaminb12-shots-1.5291960
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    Your bucket list.

    Want to add more or yours?.
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    Saved, worth watching.

    Isn't that true love?.
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    'Act of terror': Bombs sent to CNN, Clintons, Obamas, Holder

    Trump didn't get one?. Bombs sent to CNN, Clintons, Obamas, Holder - CNNPolitics Ps. doesn't Cuomo look like a real mafioso?.
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    Tires tires tires advice.

    Mine are worned out and need 4, 20" new ones. Thinking about getting winter tires but too damn lazy to change them every year. I have Pirelli tires now but not spending that much if I can get decent all season tires at a good price. Was told to check Costco and Canadian tire for the best...
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    When you are bored.

    What do?.
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    'It looked like Armageddon:' Gas explosions destroy Boston homes

    LAWRENCE, Mass. -- A series of gas explosions one official described as "Armageddon" left at least 10 people injured and ignited fires in at least 39 homes in three communities north of Boston on Thursday, forcing entire neighbourhoods to evacuate as crews scrambled to fight the flames and turn...
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    A 90-year-old 'grandma scam' victim took out $10000 from TD Bank to pay fraudster in cash

    Banks have to ask for proof when you deposit $10,000 in cash but not if you withdraw $100,000?.
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    Leonardo Da Vinci's to-do list from 1490 is so much cooler than ours

    Leonardo Da Vinci has a much cooler “to-do” list than we do (18 Photos) : theCHIVE
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    If you want to get a tattoo, here is your chance. Semi-permanent tattoo

    Inkbox sells bottles of ink that can be used to freehand tattoos as well as pre-made tattoos that are applied like the children's stick-on kind and come in a variety of designs from classic butterflies and anchors to custom pieces crafted by designers who get a cut of sales. Inkbox tattoos take...
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    If you are ever accused of not being hard enough or called limpy. Look how Raiden fixed it

    Infuriated over wife’s ‘impotent’ jibe, man sends in-laws his porn video; arrested In an attempt to prove his potency to his wife and her parents, a 32-year-old man from Hyderabad made a porn video with another woman and sent the same to them.Speaking to this newspaper, the police inspector...
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    FIFA wants to crack down on images of 'hot women' fans in bid to fight sexism

    Say it ain't so Joey. FIFA wants to crack down on images of 'hot women' fans in bid to fight sexism | Euronews
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    Maple Leafs sign John Tavares for seven years, $77 million

    Keep this in the lobby. The sports section sucks here. Ready to zip from the Stanley cup?. The Toronto-born all-star centre, perhaps the biggest name to hit unrestricted free agency in the NHL’s salary-cap era, agreede to a seven-year deal worth $77 million (all dollars U.S.) and instantly...
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    'King of his Castle'

    You all have zero excuses now. 'King of my Castle' - Album on Imgur
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    Eagle Creek Fire teen ordered to pay $36 million

    This is bad news and very sad but couldn't help notice this idiotic comment. The court found the teen could not pay the judgment in full and authorized the Hood River Juvenile Department to establish a payment schedule. Lemman also told KOIN 6 News that the teen's parents aren't liable in...
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    Oscar Mayer Launches Bacoin, the First-Ever Cryptocurrency Backed by the Gold Standard

    Of Oscar Mayer Bacoin. Oscar Mayer Launches Bacoin, the First-Ever Cryptocurrency Backed by the Gold Standard of Oscar Mayer Bacon | Business Wire