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  • The Tops on my TDL
    Sel: Tori, Winter.
    MP: Katie
    Mir: Fair, Ally, Athena, Bambi, Coco, Oceanne, Lyliie & Jessie
    GOE: Magi
    DM: Emily, Nadja, Dakota, Charlize,
    TA: Jasmine
    RM: Jordan, Kira, Tristan
    TGF: Harlowe
    TP: Cali
    AH: Evelyn
    HSG: Anna
    indis: Heather
    TD: Dallis
    Can Not Go Wrong Girls List (CNGWG)

    Paige18XO @ Indy
    Cricket @ Roommates
    Katja @ Select
    Julie @ Mirage
    Sam @ Roommates
    Holly @ GOE
    Baily @ Dreammakers
    Candice Cane @ Indy
    Olivia @ Dreammakers
    Marisol @ TGF
    Heidi @ Select
    Phoebe @ Roommates
    Sasha @ Classy Escorts
    Taylor @ Sassy Angels
    Effie @ Roommates
    Bettie Knight @ Tristan's Angels
    Sydney @ Roommates
    Angel @ Indy
    Monica @ Euro Dolls

    Czech/Cnd: Victoria @ Midnight Escort (redhead)
    Ukr/Cnd: Jackie @ MP (brunette)
    EI/Cnd: Pandora @ TP (black)
    Fr/Cnd: [email protected] (brunette)
    Rus/Cnd: [email protected] (redhead)
    Irish/Cnds: Holly Hartley @ indy (redhead), Samara @ TP (blonde), Roksi @ GOE (auburn), Vivian @ select (black)
    Cnds:Zaylee @ DM (black), [email protected] Ent (redhead), Melody @ Ent (brunette), Hailey @ NGT (black), Shannon @ RM (blonde), Caleigh @ GOE (blonde), Leslie @ Indy (blonde), Charley LaRoux @ Indy (redhead), Joy @ Mir (brunette),Dita @ MP (black)
    Lat/EU/Cnd: Sofia @ Mirage (brunette), [email protected](brunette)
    Est/Cnd: Audrey @ Indy (blonde)
    EE/Cnd: Heidi @ Classy Escorts
    Korean/Cnd: Kitty @ Roommates
    Aus/Fr/Cnd: Rorie @ TGF (Blonde)
    Asian/Cnd: Sinful Sofia (black)
    Sorry Wilsonjo thought it was done. Let me look into it .
    My TDL

    RM: Maggie, Paloma, Victoria, Ellen, Chrissy,
    TP: Demi
    Mir: Remy, Sonya, Alexa, Samantha, Jessie, Jessyka,
    SA: Erica, Valery, Charlie
    TGF: Khloe, Grace.
    GOE: Holly, Tamara, Darcy;
    DM: Jessica, Maria, Emily, Sophie, Justine, Kyla.
    Max.P: Katie, Jenna.
    Exq: Pamela, Jasmine;
    Sel: Erin, Nadja, Mina, Octavia, Sophia, Winter, Angi
    Tristan's Angels: Jasmine
    note to myself

    2010 HDL

    Roommates: Kassey (blonde), Holly (Redhead)
    Exquisite: Sebelle 2hrs (brunette), Darya 1,5hr (redhead), Marisol (dark), Macy (blonde);
    Entourage: Cassidy (redhead), Melody (brunette)
    Naughty Girls Toronto: Hailey (dark), 2nd visit 2hrs, Maii(black) 2hrs, Hailey 3rd visit 2hrs, Hailey 4th visit 1hr; Maii 2nd visit 2hrs, Hailey 5th visit 1,5hr, Hailey 6th visit 2hrs,.... Lola (brunette) 2hrs, Arial (dark)
    Mirage: Dawn, Monique (blonde);
    G-Spot: Leslie (blonde)
    Toronto Passions: Alisson (brunette), Samara (blonde)
    Maximum Pleasure: Anna (brunette)


    Rebecca [email protected]
    Entourage: London, Natalia
    Roommates: Billie, Cory, Tyler, Sydney
    GOE: Paris, Roksi, Lexx, Raven, Holly
    Select: Jenn
    Mirage: Jemma, Sofia, Jessie
    Sassy Angels: Sophie, Mady
    Exquisite: Angelina, Caitlyn
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