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    Don't drive and dial

    Re: Don't drive and dial Oh boy your boyfriend is not going to bring home groceries after this.
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    Your first Kiss

    This one should make you all think. Do you remember your first DFK, what age and how did it happen?
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    last song in high school dance and did you leave alone?

    I predict most of you will say Stairway to Heaven, was there any other?. How many of you left your high school dance with your buddies and not a girl?
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    Hi I'm new here

    Re: Hi I'm new here Wow her I like.
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    Internet dating

    Have any of you met a woman through the internet date sites? Either for friendship or sex.
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    Clint needs a Sig Pic

    Re: Clint needs a Sig Pic
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    What makes the perfect female face?

    Re: What makes the perfect female face? Nice :D