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  1. Raiden


    He still owes me for 4 years of coffees he's been putting on my tab.
  2. Raiden

    To the guy: Why?

    That was me that honked and it was more like a beep beep vrooooom.
  3. Raiden


    Wow, this thread is still going!
  4. Raiden

    The Punisher’ & ‘Jessica Jones’ Canceled By Netflix

    The Punisher was awesome. I binge watched both seasons and Jessica was hot so I also binged watched her too.
  5. Raiden

    Westendladies Review: Alexa - TOFTT

    Saw her on the weekend TF and she's awesome. I will refer to her as the Dirty Talking Little Ebony Princess! Damn I had fun!!
  6. Raiden

    [email protected] Escorts

    On this day I had a Latina craving and Crystal was available. Cuban, about 30 years old, curvy with a pretty smile and pretty face. Crystal's English is pretty good and her service was awesome. I invoked the Merb special and you can't go wrong with the price. DFK, BBBJ, DATY and FS all...
  7. Raiden

    MIRAGE Marie

    Nice! I have to find my Nutellaman cape and tights and give Superwoman a try!!
  8. Raiden

    Sassy Angels Nadine @ sassy angels... Worst Experience ever

    I can honestly say I've never had a bad experience with Sassy's either although I've never been with Nadine.
  9. Raiden

    Kylie Ray Montreal Indy

    Kylie Rae Montreal Indy Kylie Rae ? (@kyliemontreal) on Twitter I was browsing Twitter and came across Kylie before my trip and her sexy curves, ahh who am I fooling it was her awesome natural rack and eyes, DAMN!!!!!!LOL Anyway, before my Montreal trip I sent Kylie a DM and we arranged a...
  10. Raiden

    [email protected]

    BOOM!!!!!!!! I would nickname this young lady Bootylishes Angel! Ben did it again and made me a happy camper. Angel walked in looking a little shy but a drink later and some hot banter (greygoose is really a popular vodka) and I was St. Ray and my Angel was playing the golden trombone...
  11. Raiden

    [email protected]

    The Moped is in high gear and on tour. The little spitting python is happy again and dancing after shaking off all the cob webs. I have 3 more reviews on the way and probably 10ish by the time this Moped tour is done.
  12. Raiden

    [email protected]

    Visiting Montreal and whenever I do first agency I call and most call is Vog the home of the Legendary BEN who never ever steers me wrong!! I checked in and within a couple of hours I hear KNOCK KNOCK I open the door and my mouth hit the floor and I felt movement below, SHWING!!! Kamila is...
  13. Raiden

    MIRAGE Chanel

    Diner's all class! Damn I need to start roaming again. The cobwebs are getting itchy.
  14. Raiden


    Wow, what's happened to this place. Hey MM, you know I love a bargain. I'll offer you $9.99 for this thread, payable in nickels half upon signing and the other half December 2, 2019. DEAL?
  15. Raiden


    Did I ever show you guys my baby pics? MM, when we going for coffee? It's your turn to pay you cheap mofo!