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    Another Genius Move by a Maritime Retard

    Kind of late. Letter from principal On Monday, an apology signed by Dickinson was sent home with students. "I know many or all of you are angry and disappointed by the decision I made," she wrote. "I'm not asking you to make those go away. You have a right to those feelings." Dickinson said...
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    Is this the future of escorting?

    Apparently to Danny it is or will be.
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    Valentine's over/under rated?. Or it just sucks to be a man on the 14th

    Sucks to be a man on the 14th. And then broke.
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    I had enough with porn.

    This should fix your mental lapse. Get back on the horse.
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    Your Tax Dollars at Work

    Damn-Not too smartDamn-Not too smart