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    Social Date with Muckchella

    After some back and forth, I was able to secure a social date with muckchella. Actually, I only wanted to see muckchelle of the tandem, but unfortunately, muckin is part of the package :SayWhat?: If you peruse through this board, you'll see muckchelle post here and there. She's a feisty one...
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    Skull Vodka - and thanks

    I like that vodka. And cool bottle too. If you're in the US, pick up Costco's Kirkland Vodka. Some blind taste testers preferred the Costco brand over Grey Goose. Here's a link with some background Why Costco’s Vodka May Be Your Best Bet - MUNCHIES
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    Ever dated or fell in love with a SP/client?.

    To clarify the bold text above, don't think Justin "muckin" Bieber, but more like Burt Reynolds "we simply don't care" I think that's what keeps these two going strong. But a word of advice for you muckin, your gf really really wants that MMF, so prove your love for her and give her what...
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    Shortest, thinnest, smallest spinner

    Hahaha I'm expanding my focus zone.
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    Bye bye regular

    Fugg is getting S-A-W-F-T...Sawfttttt But respects to your standards and standing by them.
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    WHere is the post new thread button?

    Where is the "Post New Thread" button for the Agency and Indy review sections? I can't find it.
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    Please Return Brooke @ Sassy's Coat and Phone from Party

    Hi Everyone, Just reposting this message in a separate thread in hopes that the person who took a burgandy 3/4 Canada Goose jacket at the industry party on Tuesday night sees this request and returns it back to Brooke at Sassy's. There was also an iphone in it. C'mon, in the Christmas spirit...
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    The Biggest Brothel in Europe

    The owner of this brothel (the Salzburg location) is offering free sex and free drinks to protest Austria's "punitive" tax laws. “Hundreds of disappointed customers” have had to be turned away since the “summer special” went on offer, as the house was full...
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    Marley Brinx Pornstar from Toronto

    Just a shot in the dark, but has anyone encountered this girl as an SP in Toronto? She's a new pornstar and one of her scenes starts on Spadina. She also says that she's from Toronto.
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    An important message from c-36

    You are a true leader in this industry Andy. Kudos. "This hobby has always been illegal, it was even illegal to have been found in a common bawdy house. Yet was never enforced…….. for the same reasons, that in my opinion, it’s not gonna be enforced any differently now." Totally agree with...
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    Bill C-36

    I partially disagree with this statement. Agencies and Boards need to modify their actions so as to not violate advertising component of Bill C 36, which I think can be proved more easily than the case of reviewers writing stories for entertainment. I say to reviewers...
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    Pod Hotel

    I saw this set up at Bay and Wellington today. Doesn't seem comfortable, but maybe a solution for you guys looking for an outcall option? Lol
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    Police Investigate Toronto Escort's Death in Calgary An escort from Toronto, was found dead of blunt force trauma in Calgary last week. She was 19.
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    oagre's Euro escort babe of the week

    I tried booking her, but she cancelled a few hours before the scheduled time. The booking agent said she was fatigued. My replacement was Danielle from the same agency. You can read my review here...