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Recent content by jimmygoat

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    This guy will not get laid again.... :YMAPPLAUSE::YMAPPLAUSE:
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    Barrie-Northern Death and Taxes ....... Two certainties in life

    There is a third. Vixen Vicky is worth a visit. I had the pleasure of seeing her for the second time just last week. Our first session was back on Valentines Day. It was a long wait but the anticipation made our time together all the sweeter. For those of you who are not familiar I will...
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    I would like to thank the acadamy .....

    Seriously, thanks to the Mods that chose me to be the recipient of this months award. I am thrilled and excited to say the least. How to choose from so many beautiful young ladies? Feel free to PM suggestions (or post). Thanks again! Cheers, JG
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    Help a brother out - anitvirus protection

    Awhile ago a few of you mentioned free antivirus protection. What are the most reliable yet do not compromise performance. I am tired of Norton's product. It is expensive and slows my computer down to a snails pace. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks !
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    What was your first/favourite stroke book?

    First - Playboy Fav - Hustler (without those annoying blackout dots) Worst - 50+
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    Favourite beach (in Canada) to take a girlfriend too....

    Mine has to be, hands down, the fourth beach in Awenda provincial park here in Ontario. It is a bit of a hike to get to but the privacy and seclusion is worth the effort. It is so remote from the 'regular' beaten path that signs are posted reminding that nudity below the waist is forbidden by...