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    Desperate Longing for Big Daddy

    DD/bg relationships hit hard when they end, since they're based on such intimacy. Those links are really a good help in coping with such. For what it's worth you sound like an amazing babygirl. Until you find a new Daddy, maybe this will tide you over?
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    For the fitness minded...also, that bra is amazing!

    As many of you know, I'm trying hard to staunch off impending old age through various training. For those of you like me, here's something to keep you motivated... I motivated for hours to this :biggrin2:
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    Boycott anything and everything that originates with the Jewish people

    I was with you right up until the last sentence: If it wasn't for the Muslims, we wouldn't have Algebra, Astronomy, as well as medical techniques such as stitching and herbal lore. Civilizations wax and wane. Including that last phrase turned you from a knowledgeable critic to a bigot. Go you.
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    Pope gives up celibacy for Lent

    I like this pope more and more :biggrin2: http://www.thebeaverton.com/world/world-in-brief/item/1223-progressive-pope-gives-up-celibacy-for-lent “I get plenty of pleasure from my celibacy,” stated the pontiff in a recent interview. “Sex just complicates things. It’s going to be a tough 40...
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    How to date a Russian Woman

    http://www.thevandsshow.com.au/lifestyle/meet-your-first-russian-girlfriend This applies pretty much to any woman who is FOB EE, although to a lesser degree for women from non-USSR Eastern block countries. As someone who straddles both cultures (EE and NA), I'm at the same time nodding in...
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    For those looking to get in shape

    So as many of you know, I've been in a serious fitness kick for the last 7 months. Maybe this will help me up my game even more... http://youtu.be/jby0I-zLj9c
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    Lays crowdsourcing campaign goes hilariously awry.

    The invent a new flavour thing. People get creative. http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2014/02/best-of-lays-do-us-a-flavor-parodies/?showall=true
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    So What Now? After the SCC decision.

    So now that the SCC agreed to decriminalise sex work, what now? Well, the government has a year to draft new legislation rearding the profession, but is that truly necessary? Here's a piece by Nikki that explores that...
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    New Kata for Caerf

    As some of you know, I have been a lifetime martial artist. Constantly learning, I happened upon a technique I think will be of great help to the community here:
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    Fitness experts....

    I do this every morning:
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    Disney Princesses

    I've never masturbated to Disney princesses :wink2: But I may start now: http://www.geekxgirls.com/article.php?ID=1487
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    Best Page on the Internet!

    If you're in a bad mood, sad, or depressed, just go here: http://distractify.com/fun/humor/scout-is-the-single-most-composed-dog-on-the-planet/
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    And we'll never be Tories...

    Lorde spoof by 22 Minutes. Hilarious... and sad, at the same time. http://www2.macleans.ca/2013/10/29/this-hour-has-22-minutes-spoofs-lorde-with-tories-by-borde/ See y'all at the party!
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    Polyamory: Nature vs Nurture

    Interesting article on how, ultimately, it doesn't matter. http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2013/10/16/is_polyamory_a_choice.html