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Recent content by clintE

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    I'd say pussies stay outta here.

    I am not surprised but like another poster said. Drama doesn't guarantee hits nor views. I also doubt I will be contributing here.
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    Advice needed on a serious matter.

    I've retired but i know there are sharp minds here, At least, there used to be. A female Japanese friend bought a house with her new Canadian husband in Ontario. He left her 10 years later with a young son and moved in with another woman, Her parents gave her money to put into their down...
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    Been a while

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    HeartBreak Ridge

    I guess I should know about my own shows. I'm getting old so maybe you can refresh my memory and tell me a little bit about it?:crazy:
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    Swedish model a success...really?

    Great, we now have a Jimmy Swaggart wannabe on the board??
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    How do you wipe after taking a dump.

    I use moist wipes. Only the best for my tender bottom.
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    El Cheapo

    I've eaten many veals from Commisso, hell I've grown up on them LOL. Keele and Lawrence is about a 2 minute drive away but I still call cheapo on you.
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    Somebody is going to get hurt!:grrrrrr:
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    Hey RayFinkel??

    You haven't changed. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing :bomb:
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    IN-Call Kerri

    I see my avatar picture has been copied, lol. Long time member here but retired, you can keep it :biggrin:
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    IN-Call Cookie

    Ray, you hobby :shock:. Good for you :great:
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    Sassy Angels TOFTT Fiona @ Sassy Angels - a soft GFE sweetheart

    It has been a long time for me. Maybe it is time to go back to the game with Fiona. I am very tempted.
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    Daily rating for Sunshine Girl

    You haven't changed. Good show Ray.
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    IN-Call Repeat with Symonne @ RM: My Sweet Sex Dynamo

    Nice to see you back here HW. I also took a leave of absence and unlike you have not come back YET.