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Out-Call Zwei Schokolade mit Schlag - Noir and Sasha together

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Joined Feb 8, 2010
Messages 14
I have seen Noir several times now and we recently discussed the possibilities of a duo session.

The original planned duo partner was Original Raven but she unfortunately (for us) has retired. (If for some reason you read this Raven, Noir and I both still want to fuck you silly! We are available at your convenience.) When asked who else she might like to play with one of the names at the very top of her list was Sasha at Cupids.

I generally do not do outcall and have never seen Sasha, but on the basis of this review by the legendary Sentry11 this was a combination that I had no hesitation in trying to set up. Inquiries were made and when Sasha’s interest was confirmed, all that needed to happen was to find a date, place and time.

Arrangements were easily done via email with Noir and combination of email and telephone with Cupids. Please note, pictures courtesy of GOE are for illustrative purposes only as Noir arranged this session privately on one of her independent days. Her indy contact info is available on a caerf thread. We met at a mid range hotel in the Yonge and College area for an early evening rendezvous.

Sasha arrived spot on time. I was a little (a lot) nervous but the introductions easily led to led to LFK and groping while we waited for Noir to arrive. Sasha is really quite lovely and put me ease with lots of little compliments as the explorations turned to DFK while undressing each other. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to hear a beautiful woman say, “ Mmmm, nice package!” as she squeezes a large helping of precum on to her extended and waiting tongue?

Still no Noir, but Sasha has very kissable lips, beautiful responsive natural 36Cs and gives awesome BBBJ with BLS and DT. I manage to get her to come up for air and return the favour. Very tasty and responsive DATY and I would to think that she had the first SOG. If there was someone in the hallway, they certainly would have. After she finished greedily licking up her juices off my face, I asked her if I could fuck her tits. She gave me this coy yet innocent look and said softly, “Why are you asking? Get on top of me and fuck my tits.” PRICELESS. This girl is truly the stuff of wetdreams and fap sessions.

So here I am fucking her fabulous tits and mouth when there is a soft tapping at the door. I reluctantly leave Sasha stretched out lewdly on the bed to let in Noir who is apologizing for the terrible traffic. Noir sets what must be a world record in removing her street clothes and reappears on the bed in a stunning little red lingerie set, but really, it looks a lot better on the floor.

Sasha and Noir were very cute as they got to know each other. Both were surprisingly shy at first but quickly warmed to each other as they explored and complimented each other’s body which I totally perved on.

They eventually brought the focus of attention back to me and in a whirlwind of double BBBJ, BLS and DFK I eventually unloaded in a combined CIM/facial/ COB. If as Sentry’s review rightly pointed out that “sharing is caring” these two really care…

We took a break after that and chatted about a variety of things. The girls made a compelling case that whatever my thoughts on the matter, my track record with Original Raven (2x), Noir (3x) and now Sasha categorically defined me as a “chocolate” lover. I don't think I will ever be able to watch that Simpsons episode where Homer daydreams about the "Land of Chocolate" without thinking of this evening.

The girls re-energized much more quickly than I and I was treated to both Noir and Sasha basically going to town on each other. I was unfortunately unable to rise for a second SOG (I think because of the rather delayed start of the duo action, but admittedly there may have been a shade of performance anxiety as well) but, notwithstanding some hydraulics issues, immensely enjoyed my own private show by two beautiful and very bisexual women, and also found other ways to stay involved. Anyway, Aas the saying goes – If at first you do not have MSOG, try booking a longer session.

For those concerned about clock watching and Noir’s delayed arrival it was not an issue. Sasha reluctantly got dressed after the 3rd (or 4th?) time her driver buzzed. Noir made an impassioned plea that she call in an cancel the rest of her night to stay, but we both settled for a very tender parting kiss. Noir stayed for a further time and we chatted, kissed, and touched. We eventually parted ways long after any reasonable evaluation of the clock.

What made it even more cute, was that BOTH girls certainly appear to enjoy what they are doing which goes a long way with me.

Bottom line:
Service: GFE/PSE exactly on a par of what you would expect from these two.
Damage: Regular hourly rate for both girls


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Well-known member
Joined Dec 14, 2009
Messages 432
First, thanks for the "legendary" blast. Second, WOW, you have defined Nirvana my friend with these two godesses. Such passion and skills with this pair of beautiful sex kittens.


Senior Member
Joined Mar 10, 2010
Messages 344
Rob very good review. These two ladies look like hottest it can get.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 1, 2010
Messages 466
rileyroyal said:
Good to see that Sasha didn't retire, She is one hot lady and she has a nice plump big ass.

This Riley is the first post you have done that actually has turned me on.:oops: Great review and very hot looking ladies indeed.


Holy shit Rob friecking amazing review, you also have my vote for review of the year.


Well done sir. I've heard great things about Sasha and her ability to enjoy/enhance a Duo. But who is this Noir??

Kidding. I'm sure Noir enjoyed getting to play with another Chocolate Barbie-esque lady... which would only add to your experience. Thanks for breaking the ice with these two hot ladies.

- - -

Joined Jan 19, 2010
Messages 442
Rob, I've had the pleasure of doing 3somes with both Noir and Sasha and all I can say is "WOW!!!!" I can't believe that you are still alive. What a fantasy come true to have two such beautiful, confident and super-sexual women in bed together. I agree with BT123, this is the review of the year.


Wow. Two ebony beauties. I've had the pleasure of Noir's company twice, and she blew me totally away. One of the best SPs out there.

I don't know Sasha but she looks sensational.

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