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In looking back over my last few years of hobbying, some sessions and MPAs really stand out. Ironically, these are the really good and really bad ones. The mediocre ones tend to be forgotten. Zara is not the worst I've seen, but she is right up there, or down there, depending on your perspective. As with my other negative reviews, take this with a grain of salt, because I know Zara has her fans out there and their experiences will be different than mine.

Zara is a classic spinner. She is so tiny that I can probably pick her up with one hand. Unlike Mila, though, Zara is not tight, toned, taut, or young. Personality wise, she is nice enough, easy to talk to, and knows how to hold a conversation. But, the session started off bad the minute she walked in due to the instant and almost overbearing reek of cigarette smoke. This is one girl I didn't even want to try to kiss. I tried to ignore the smell, hoping that I'd get used to it, and after a while, I did stop noticing it. But, the damage was done. This was the first session where I really had to "work" to get into the mood.

If you're a smoker, or one who doesn't mind the smell of someone who just smoked a cig, then she may be right for you. As I mentioned, her personality is mature, frank, and actually quite delightful, but everything else was not up to snuff.


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Thanks for the honest review.

Too bad



Thanks. I've been hobbying a while, but I'm trying to limit my reviews to girls who are still active.
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