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Joined Sep 10, 2015
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Saw Yuki recently.

Pics and stats on CandyShop website are accurate. I believe I saw the exact girl pictured on their website. Sometimes agencies will switch on you or give you a girl that is clearly not the one you tried to book, but Yuki seemed to match the Yuki shown on their website.

She is decent looking - 7.5/10 face, 7.5/10 body. She has large Bs or small Cs, depending on how you look at it. Has a little bit of tummy fat, but nothing at all to worry about. Just a little bit of extra meet on her tummy. Nice girl. Best feature about her is her eyes, although she wears heavy makeup if you don't like that sort of thing. She has a girl-next-door look to her, is kind and caring during the session. Seems innocent and shy. Good demeanor, good personality.

Session was good. She is young and has a nice, young body. Gave me CBJ (my request) which was average quality BJ. Then, we engaged in MISH and DOGGIE. She is nice and tight. Medium-warm pussy. Nice feeling. She does nice moaning of pleasure during FS. She sounds as if she is enjoying herself. Could be an act, but her acting skills are good if so.

Paid 140 roses for the HH. Didn't rush me out and seemed to want to talk and get to know me. She asked me to come again, which is always nice to hear from a lady once the session was over.

Nice facilities. All high end.


Yes. I will. But I think she might be off-schedule these days as I checked the website again and noticed she is listed as being back on the 14th. Maybe her parents are visiting from China, who knows?


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Thanks for the informative review, very promising for my pocket.
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